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Antisamos is one of the beaches that fascinates most visitors to Kefalonia. On the way to the bay, the view is breathtaking and once you arrive at the beach there is more fantastic scenery.

The landscape has distinctive natural beauty, it consists of turquoise waters and a marvelous surrounding of green hills and lush vegetation that almost grows into the sea. The water is perfectly clear and full of fish.

Awarded with the blue flag, it is located 27 km east from Argostoli and a few kilometers from the port of Sami. It is easily accessed from a coastal road in Sami. It is very well-organized with umbrellas and sundecks. Acron beach Bar and Restaurant will satisfy your appetite for food and adventure.

Antisamos has gained worldwide recognition from the Hollywood movie “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin”, where some of the scenes were filmed. Behind the hill there is a great spot for sunbathers and nature lovers. Apart from the beach, which is considered a beautiful sight itself, the Monastery of Agrillion stands on top of the hill and is worth visiting.